Graduate Student Members

Will Elliott

Will Elliot’s research blends interests in literary form, environmental criticism, urban and rural studies, pollution, pre- & posthumanisms, and the Far North.

Ted Geier

Ted Geier is a graduate student in Comparative Literature working on environmental thought and literature.  Other interests include theory, animal studies, interdisciplinary humanities, Native American and indigenous studies, and philosophy.  Ted is the current Managing Editor of Brújula, an interdisciplinary journal of Latin American Studies published annually by graduate students at UC Davis through the Hemispheric Institute on the Americas.

Kelley Gove

Kelley Gove is a graduate student in cultural studies. Her research interests include cultures of nature, landscapes and power, tourism, food, visual culture, and science studies.

Andrew Hageman

Andrew Hageman is a Ph.D. candidate in English with a Designated Emphasis in Critical Theory. His dissertation concerns intersections of machines, ideology, and ecology with a special focus on cog and wheel figures in literature and cinema. Others areas of interest include ecocritical theory, ecological media, literary history, cyberpunk and steampunk, and Chinese cinema. He recently published “When Nature Calls; Or, Why Ecocriticism Needs Althusserian Ideology” in the “Ecology & Ideology” issue of Polygraph and has a forthcoming co-authored piece “The Virtual Realities of U.S./Mexico Border Ecologies in Maquilapolis and Sleep Dealer” in the 2011 issue of Environmental Communication: A Journal of Nature and Culture.

Angela Hume Lewandowski

Angela Hume Lewandowski is a graduate student in English. Her research interests include the 21st century lyric poem; violence, violation, and contemporary poetry; experimental forms; contaminated forms; ecocriticism; and poetry, politics, and “the ethical turn.”

Josef Nguyen

Josef Nguyen is a graduate student in English, focusing on contemporary literature and science writing. His interests include science and technology studies, ecocriticism, posthumanism, ethics, energy production, and disaster.

Eric O’Brien

Eric O’Brien is a seventh-year Ph.D. candidate in English whose scholarly interests include Romanticism, ecocriticism, agrarianism, and critical theory. His dissertation, Local Roots: The Romantic Origins of Agrarian Rhetoric, examines the writings of the first English Board of Agriculture and the ways in which this work germinates within the writings of Wordsworth, Coleridge, and other Romantics. It traces the figurative and rhetorical tropes of food production and land use from Milton’s Paradise Lost through contemporary works such as Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemna.

Bob Reinhardt

Bob Reinhardt is a PhD candidate in history.  His dissertation, “Remaking Bodily Environments: The Global Eradication of Smallpox,” is an environmental history of the effort to eradicate smallpox.

Ami Sommariva

Ami Sommariva is a Ph.D. Candidate in Cultural Studies. Her dissertation explores the use of nature symbolism to describe relationships among people, ideas, and objects in U.S. cultural domains that range from genealogy and K-12 education to computerized information architecture.

Meg Sparling

Meg Sparling is a graduate student in English. Her research interests include American working class literature, environmental and social justice, and feminist theory.

Michelle Yates

Michelle Yates is a graduate student in Cultural Studies. She is currently writing her dissertation on human alienation from nature in capitalism. Her research interests also include Marxist critical theory, film history and theory, and feminist theory.